One extra that we have been offering recently that is proving popular with clients is venue uplighting. This is where we place ‘spotlights’ around the edge of the room shining up the walls to create a ‘colour wash’ effect which can really enhance the look of a venue. It is especially good because thanks to the LEDs in the lights it is possible to set them to any colour or colours to match with any colour scheme you may have for your event.

Taylor Taylor Mobile Disco Uplighting - pink

It’s important to note that uplighting for along the edge of the dance floor is included with all mobile disco bookings to create a really nice effect, and we include plenty of lighting in all of our standard mobile disco. This extra is for if you would like the whole room to be lit up in the colour or colours of your choice.

The up-lights can really enhance any venue by added some extra colour to a room, but it can also serve a practical purpose in rooms that only have “fluorescent tube” strip lighting on the ceiling. These fluorescent lights can’t usually be dimmed, which can be a problem if you are having an event like a wedding reception or a party. With the lights on it may too bright and doesn’t create a nice atmosphere, and with the lights off it’s too dark for people to see where they’re going. By placing our uplighters around the room it’s possible to get just the right level of light to create an nice atmosphere without being too dim.

Taylor Taylor Mobile Disco Uplighting - Blue

The uplights can also be really useful to highlight architectural features in venues such as pillars, plants, paintings or archways, and look especially nice to enhance the texture of any exposed rustic brickwork.

By special request we can also uplight the outside of your venue, again please do just get in touch for more details.

If you think that you might like to add up-lighting to your next event, please do just get in touch for a friendly and no-pressure chat about how we can help to transform your venue.