Hip Hop and Dance Music at Loughborough University Chemistry Ball

Here’s the video for some of the more urban and dance tunes from the recent Loughborough University student prom/ball at the Leicester City King Power stadium I was the DJ and also provided the sound and lighting (mobile disco) equipment.

I’ve put these tunes in a separate video because I know that they won’t be to everyone’s taste. As a professional DJ a big part of my job is playing the right music for the crowd on the night, so if you’re thinking of booking Taylor Taylor Mobile Discos you can be sure that I’ll play music that will go down well with your guests: whether that’s Motown and Rock ‘n’ Roll, or Hip Hop, Trap and Drum & Bass music.

As you can see in the video below, on this night the hip hop and dance music went down pretty well.

Whether this is just the sort of music you’re after or something completely different like 60s, 70s & Party Classics, please do just get in touch to find out how I can make your event even more special.

Student Prom Mobile Disco at LCFC King Power Stadium, Leicester

I love being the DJ and providing the mobile disco for student proms and balls because you know they’re going to be a fun night where, music-wise, anything goes!

A couple of weeks ago I was the DJ for the Loughborough University Chemistry Ball and provided all the sound and lighting (mobile disco) equipment as well. It was a great night where with lots of people on the dance floor and I got to play a really wide range of music: from cheesy 90s tunes to some hip hop and dance music too.

Here’s a quick video of the chart music and cheesy tunes. I’ll pop another video up of the urban and dance music soon.

If you’re organising a school, college or university student prom or ball please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat about how I can help to make your event even more amazing.

More Corporate Christmas Party Mobile DJ / Mobile Disco Videos

So, the funny thing about corporate Christmas parties is that you just never know what music the crowd will be in to until you get started…

Here are a couple of videos of the mobile DJ / mobile disco that I provided at Hoar Cross Hall hotel during my Christmas Party residency this year. The first video was a night with a slightly older crowd where the 60s and 70s music went down a treat with just a smattering of well known newer songs to keep everyone happy.

The second video is on a night where we had a slightly younger crowd who like the party classics but also liked some newer music and tunes from the past 10 years.

If you would like to book the Taylor Taylor mobile DJ / mobile disco service for your corporate event, wedding or party, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone for a friendly chat about how I can make your event even more memorable.

Do You Need A Mobile DJ / Mobile Disco Who Can 'mix' the music? (I'd say yes, but then I'm biased...)

Yesterday I had an email from a potential customer, Vijay, who likes his music and was looking for a mobile DJ / mobile disco for his wedding reception this November in Quorn, near Loughborough, in Leicestershire.

He really wanted to find a DJ who could ‘mix’ the music. As well as playing songs that him and his future wife will like, and that will get their guests on the dance floor, it means the DJ can blend the end of one song into the start of the next one in a way that sounds good, keeps the flow of the dance floor going because there are no ‘gaps’ between the songs, and adds a bit of interest and excitement too because you’re not sure what’s going to arrive in the mix next!

I asked Vijay to tell me a few of the songs that he likes at the moment and I made him a little demo mix from his selections. Here’s a video I made for him with a bit of explanation and the demo mix too.

Depending on the style of music you would like for your event, it might or might not be music that is very easy to mix, but whenever I DJ, I always make sure there aren’t any gaps between the songs and that they’re put into a sequence that ‘works’ on the dance floor. That means grouping similar songs together so that they ‘flow’ and people stay on the dance floor.

If you’re interested in getting a DJ who can mix, play the kind of music you like, and get your guests on the dance floor, then we could be the mobile disco / mobile DJ for your wedding, corporate event or party.

Just drop me an email or a phone call for a friendly chat about how I can make your event even more memorable, I can even make a little demo mix for you too.

Welcome to the News Page

We try to take at least a couple of photos or a very quick snippet of video most events so that you can see exactly what you can expect if you decide to book. Take a look down the posts below to see the kind of setup we provide, the music we can play, and most importantly of all, how we can rock the dance floor!

Please do remember though, that a big part of the job is choosing the right music for the crowd on the night, so please don’t worry if you don’t see a video where we play your favourite songs. The videos below are just a little sample of what we can offer. For more information about the types of music we can play, please do just take a look at the music page. And for photos of our setup before everybody gets on the dance floor just take a look at our equipment page too.

Also, for more news, why not take a look at the Taylor Taylor Events Facebook Page for photos and the Taylor Taylor Events Youtube Channel to see all the videos in one place.

'Silly Season' is upon Us! (Christmas Parties...)

So this year I am working at a rather swanky hotel in Burton On Trent on behalf on one of the Midland’s biggest entertainment agencies for the Christmas season. Here’s a quick pic of the setup in the main ballroom before the guests arrived on Friday night.

HoarCross Hall Mobile Disco DJ














And here’s a quick video of when they started dancing:

It was a small crowd but they were definitely in the mood for a party. We started with some party classics then they requested Vanilla Ice so I played them a set of cheesy 90s which went down well and then moved onto some more rock/indie tunes. they requested Mumford & Sons so I carried on with some more indie and finally finished the night with some party classics again. Brilliant night!

Laura & Gerard's Wedding Reception at Barnsdale Hall Hotel, Rutland

A couple of weeks ago I DJ’ed and provided the sound and lighting (mobile disco) equipment for Laura & Gerard’s wedding reception at the fantastic Barnsdale Hall Hotel in Rutland.

Laura & Gerard gave me a great list of ‘must play’ and ‘could play’ songs featuring a mixture of pop/RnB, Indie and a few party classics as well.

I think it’s fair to say it all seemed to go down rather well! Take a look at the video below…

Rob & Sarah's Wedding Reception at Griffin Inn, Swithland, Leicestershire

A few weeks ago I was the DJ and provided the sound and lighting (mobile disco) equipment for Rob and Sarah’s wedding at the Griffin Inn, Swithland in Leicestershire. It’s a rather nice Gastro-Pub in a very picturesque village so a great backdrop for all their photographs.

Because they were in the same room for both the early evening wedding breakfast and the evening reception I set everything up for them the day before so that I wouldn’t be a distraction setting everything up with guests in the room. They also wanted a microphone for speeches so that was also all set up and ready for them when they needed it.

The evening do kicked off around 8pm and Rob and Sarah were keen to get the first dance done, luckily their guest were more than happy to hit the dance floor straight away as well!

Music wise, they had given me quite a long list of music they’d like: some classics from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin that the whole family could get on the dance floor to, some newer party pop songs for their kids like One Direction and LMFAO, then mainly 90′s ‘madchester’, indie and dance music for the rest of the night.

Rob and Sarah said they were happy for me to pick and choose from it and select some tunes myself if I thought they’d go down well. It turned out the the dance music was what went down best with the crowd so I finished off the evening with some classic 90s house and dance classics from the likes of Moloko, Basement Jaxx, Stardust, Tori Amos, Faithless and Underworld. And of course the obligatory end of the night Oasis sing-a-long… (Only obligatory if you and your guests like 90s music and you’ve put Oasis on your request list!)

They were a fantastic crowd, and by the end of the night they were really in to it! Here’s a quick video:


DJ, Mobile Disco & Venue Lighting at John Moore Foundation, Appleby, Leicestershire

It’s been a good little while since I last wrote a blog post, I’ve just been so busy DJ’ing!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I DJ’ed for Tom & Helen’s wedding reception at the John Moore Foundation in Appleby, Leicestershire. It’s a beautiful Victorian building that is actually used as a primary school in the week, but makes for a very picturesque wedding venue at the weekends.

For the event I DJ’ed, provided the usual concert quality sound system and standard lighting, but I was also asked to provide “venue lighting” as well. Instead of just lighting the area around the dance floor we placed spotlights around the room shining up at the walls to create a fantastic colour wash effect. There wasn’t a specific colour scheme for this one, so we just went with a neutral blue/white to enhance the classic brickwork between the huge windows in the room.

I met with Tom before the event to discuss music for the evening and he loves Indie so he asked me to include a bit of that if I could, his fiancee Helen was partial to some cheesy 90′s tunes, but they also said they were happy to have some “party classics” in there, as well as lots of modern music you usually hear on a night out.

For their first dance they chose Elvis Presley’s version of “I can’t help falling in love” and then we followed that up with some motown classics, but what really kicked the dancefloor off was when Beyonce’s Crazy in love” got played and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night, going through some of the up-to-date chart where Daft Punk’s new one in particular seemed to go down well, then into some 90′s dance music, then onto the more cheesy 90′s tunes from Five, B*Witched, S Club 7, Chesney Hawkes, etc. then to sing-along rock anthems and finally to a bit of Indie from The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, The Cure, Kings of Leon to round of the night.

The following day Tom and Helen sent this email to me:

“Hi Andy,
Just a quick message to say thank you so much for helping make last night so memorable for Me and Helen. Everyone I’ve spoken to today has said how good the music was, and everyone had a really great time. Thanks again for taking the time to come and discuss a playlist with me; the music last night was exactly what I had in mind – and it all went down really well from what I remember; the dancefloor was packed!
Thanks again,

Tom and Helen”

Looks like another happy customer. Result!

Wedding DJ &Mobile Disco in Sutton Basset, Leicestershire

Whilst I’m on a roll uploading videos, here’s another from last month just showing a quick snippet of Jenny & Hedley’s wedding reception mobile disco in Sutton Basset, Leicestershire.

Jenny and Hedley were more inclined to rock and indie music, so I made sure there was plenty of that in the during the evening, but they also wanted some party classics thrown for good measure so that the whole family could get on the dance floor together… And they did!


50th Birthday Music Video Disco, Leicestershire

Back a good few months ago I bought a new camera so that you lovely people could see what happens at a Taylor Taylor mobile disco or DJ booking… This video was filmed on the new camera’s first outing, but it’s taken a little while to get round to editing it together!

In the video you can see our giant video screen playing music videos, but it was also used earlier in the evening to display a photo slide show of the birthday girl. You can also see a starlit LED dance floor in the video, which we can supply if you would like one for your event.

Wedding Reception Mobile Disco in Rutland, July 2011

With wedding season now in full swing, I’v been so busy lately that I haven’t updated this section for a while. But there are plenty of photos from recent DJ gigs, so I’ll try and get them all up here within the next day or two so that you can see what I’ve been up to recently. You’ll get to see the new lights I mentioned a little while ago in full swing, and I might even mention the top-of the-line speaker system that we’ve just upgraded to.

This was Katie & Henry’s wedding reception at the start of the month, Henry works in the exhibition industry, and looking at the photos below you can see that he has done some serious work with theme and decorations! Henry chose Taylor Taylor mobile discos  because he wanted a top quality DJ and mobile disco with a look that wouldn’t detract from the theme, and hopefully that’s just what we gave him!

They provided a suitably old-fashioned printed cloth and hand-painted wooden sign to help keep the disco equipment in the theme, I really wish I’d asked to keep that “Mr DJ” sign!

First DanceThe second dance!Nothing wrong with a bit of break dancing at a wedding reception!Mr DJ, that's me!The set up before people arrived...party in full swing

All the photos from the night are on our over on the facebook page, don’t forget to ‘like’ us.

We've just had a serious lighting upgrade...

Last year we upgraded our sound system from good quality, industry standard components to one of the best speaker makes and models that money can buy (see our equipment page for more info) and now we’ve just done the same thing for our lighting system.

We’ve just purchased a pair of “Efx-600″ lights from the worlds premier lighting manufacturer, “Martin”. These guys produce a lot of the spectacular lights that you see on TV sets and in the world’s top night clubs. The lights will really take our show to the next level, and we’ll be sure to add a few videos from the next few gigs that we use them at.

Wedding Reception Mobile Disco with Video Screen at The Quorn Country Hotel near Loughborough

Last night we were at the very nice Quorn Country Hotel just near to Loughborough. I was DJ’ing and providing the mobile disco for a wedding reception.
The bride and groom had actually already got married in Las Vegas a few weeks before so we provided our 6 foot video screen to show a slideshow of photos from their big day across the pond.

Our mobile disco with 6 foot video screen displaying photosFireworks- a nice surprise!

Also, half way through the evening I was asked to call all of the guests outside for a surprise… Fireworks! A very nice idea that went down well with the guests – not something supplied by us, but it might give you a bit of inspiration if you’re planning a wedding reception at the moment.


40th Birthday Party in Leicester

Last night we were at a rather posh hotel in Leicester city centre for a surprise 40th birthday party. The gentleman’s wife had booked us through one of the largest entertainment agencies in the East Midlands and provided a list of her husband’s favourite songs. Alternative 80s, 90s and 00s music was the order of the night and all of the tracks chosen went down really well with the crowd. I used those requests as a starting point to choose plenty of other jump-around indie and rock music for the rest of the set.

Here’s a quick snap of the set up before everybody arrived for the big surprise!


Taylor Taylor mobile discos & DJ at a 40th birthday party in Leicester