Music is the most important part of what we do. The world-class equipment we play the music on is also vital, but without the right music, you and your guests won’t be hitting the dance floor and having a great night.

We always aim get the dance floor packed playing the mix of music that the you and your guests want to hear, and then keeping it that way by “reading the crowd” (seeing what gets a good reaction on the night) and taking music requests too, if you would like us to.

It’s all about the music that you and your guests want to dance to, so we take care to find out exactly what kind of music you’d like on the night- whether it’s 60s and 70s rock, reggae, motown, rock ‘n’ roll, party classics, chart hits, indie, emo, britpop, RnB, house, electro, progressive house, dance classics, drum’n’bass, deep house, trap music, the list goes on! We’ve spent the 10 years in business learning about different types of popular music to make sure we can cater to all tastes in music, and most importantly, give you and your guests a really memorable night for all the right reasons.

For weddings and private party events clients often like to provide us with a list of “MUST PLAY”, “COULD PLAY” and “DEFINITELY DO NOT PLAY” songs (no matter how short or long) ┬áin advance so that we can completely customise your experience.

The ‘must play’ songs are generally on a shorter list, where you have some special songs in particular and would especially like to hear all of them at your event. Even if perhaps those songs clear the dance floor for a couple of minutes, they have special meanings, memories or dedications that you would like making, so we make sure we find a way to play every song on this list.

The ‘could play’ list can be as long or as short as you like and can sometimes be a bit more general too. It gives us an idea of the individual songs, and also particular artists/bands or music styles that you like and that you think may get your guests on the dance floor too. We use this as our guide for the night and usually end up playing 90% of the songs on this list. Most importantly, this list gives us the general idea for the kind of atmosphere you would like to create. If you list just big hits and classics, we’ll know that’s what you’re after. If you list the really cheesy party-dance songs, then we know you’re expecting all the ‘mobile disco’ style party tracks. And if you list 90s indie album tracks, or underground house music that never made it into the charts, we’ll know that you’re after something a little bit more eclectic, and we can play according to your general tastes to create just the right atmosphere for your event.

Finally, the ‘do not play’ list tends to be a bit shorter (but can be as long as you like of course) and gives us an indication of the kind of music you really don’t want to have on the night. You don’t need to list every song, band or genre of music that you don’t want to hear, but giving us an indication of the kinds of things you don’t want can help point us in the right direction. For example, if you put the ‘Macarena’ on your do not play list we would know not to play an other party dance songs unless you had asked for them specifically. It could be as simple as ‘no rock music’ or ‘all kinds of music are fine, but nothing too ‘heavy’. It’s completely up to you how much control you would like to have over the music we play.

As long as we’re given advance notice, we can track down just about any hard-to-find classic track or music video. Alternatively, you can just leave the music entirely up to us and know that you’ll be in safe hands.

Below are links to some videos from recent events to show the really wide range of music we can play, that gets requested, and that gets different people on the dance floor:

- A wedding reception with a mixture of RnB, Indie, Dance and a few party classics too

- A wedding reception with 90s dance (the less cheesy kind) and classic indie sing-a-longs too

- A mixed age Christmas Party with classics from the 60s and 70s, with just a few newer songs mixed in

- A different Christmas Party night with a slightly younger crowd, with a more recent party tunes and just a few older tunes mixed in

- A student prom where the chart music and random 90s boy bands and girl bands went down really well

- A more urban, hip hop / dance music selection from the same student prom

- An 18th birthday party with latest chart music but also some really cheesy party dances thrown in too

We say that no two parties are the same, and as you can see from the videos above, the different kinds of music that different people like is really varied. That’s why we make such a big fuss over making sure you get exactly the right music you want for your event.

If you like what you’ve seen, please do just get in touch for more information and a friendly, no obligation chat about your entertainment needs.