The most important thing at your event is that your guests have a great time and enjoy the music being played, but you may be surprised at the amount of difference the mobile disco sound and lighting equipment that the DJ provides make to the atmosphere of an event.

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There are all kinds of things that all add up to people feeling relaxed enough to enjoy themselves at your event; everything from the temperature of the room, to how comfortable the chairs are and how they’re arranged, and even the decor of the venue.

The same is true with all of the sound and lighting the DJ brings with them. If the sound is too muffled to really enjoy the music, your guests won’t be drawn towards the dancefloor, and the same if it sounds so tinny, it’s just not as enjoyable. Or if it’s too loud or distorted, your guests will probably will probably want to get as far away from the speakers (and the dance floor) as possible. That’s why we have invested £4000 in a world-class sound system that looks discrete, but can deliver genuinely concert quality sound at just the right volume for your event, whether that’s as loud as a nightclub, or more restrained so the people sitting round the edge of the dance floor socialising can have a catch up without having to shout.

Lighting has a much more subtle effect, but still makes a huge difference to the atmosphere in a venue. If a room has fluorescent lighting that makes the room too bright, people won’t be drawn towards the dance floor as much if they feel like they’re on display. And the same if it’s pitch black, guests on the dance floor probably won’t mind too much if it is very dark, but guests seated at the tables around the edge of the dance floor or throughout the room won’t be enjoying themselves if they can’t even see the person that they are having a conversation with. That’s why we provide ‘colour wash’ lighting around the dance floor to create a nice ambiance that isn’t too dark or too bright and then use ‘projection effects’ to add splashes of energy, colour and movement to the dance floor. We can also customise our lighting to suit your colour scheme if you have one, and also to suit the changing mood throughout your event. We can also light up your whole venue too, take a look at our uplighting page for more information.

We can offer our setup in virtually any colour, to match with any colour scheme or theming you may have including pastel shades and pure or warm white.
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At many wedding receptions and events, the first hour or so of the evening is background music, so the music volume is kept lower and the songs selection won’t be the big floor fillers. The ‘colour wash’ lighting will be a single colour or slowly fading colours, and the projection effects will be a matching colour and slowly moving across the dance floor, but then after the first dance or when it’s time for everybody to get on the dance floor, the lighting will come to life with the shapes on the dance floor moving and changing colour in time to the beat, and depending on the client’s preference or what suits the event best, the colour wash lights can either remain as they are or can be set to change colour in time with the beat as well.
Because every event is different we customise the equipment set up as appropriate; always making sure that the visual style in keeping with the venue or as required for the event. For people who would like something extra special, we can provide our colour ‘wash lights’ to uplight the walls, not only around the dance floor but around the whole room as well. Please do just get in touch for more information.

The range of standard set ups are suitable for events from 30 up to 300 guests, and we can can cater for events of up to 700 people at special request. Please do just get in touch for more details.

We are also able to DJ at venues that already have their own equipment installed and have years of experience doing so in different bars, nightclubs and hotels around Leicester and all over the Midlands.

Please also see our Boring But Important health and safety information page for, unsurprisingly, boring but very important information about the safety certificates that every mobile disco or DJ should have.

Technical Specs:

Our sound system is from industry leading manufacturer ElectroVoice (EV for short). EV specialise in concert sound systems for some of the most prestigious venues in the world, so we know that the sound our speakers make won’t disappoint.

As standard, we use a pair of top-of-the-range 1000watt EV ZXA5 speakers. We also provide an 1000 watt subwoofer (a JBL PRX 618-XLF) to produce the kind of sound quality you would usually only expect to hear from a venue with a professionally installed system, but all with a smart, discrete and professional appearance.

Most importantly, no matter how loud or quiet you would like the music to be, you can be assured it will sound fantastic.

Our lighting includes a range of LED wash lights which can flood the venue walls, ceiling or dance floor with any colour of light needed, slowly fade from one colour to another, or change colour in time to the beat of the music when it’s time for people to hit the dance floor.

We also have top of the range “scanner” projection effects, these project coloured shapes onto the dance floor and around the room that move in time to the music, or glide gracefully across the dancefloor when a more sophisticated atmosphere is required.