Wedding DJ At Beaumanor Hall For Chris & Vicki

A couple of weeks ago I was the DJ for Chris and Vicky’s wedding at the wonderful Beaumanor Hall, out in the scenic countryside of Leicestershire, just out near Loughborough.

As well as being the DJ, I also provided the sound and lighting equipment and also a classic ‘parquet’ (varnished wood finish) dance floor.

Below is a quick video of some of the highlights from the night including the first dance, and a few snippets of songs that went down well too.

If you listen closely, you might also hear some of the ‘beat mixing‘. This is where rather than just playing one song after another like an iPod would, the DJ (me in this case!) blends the start of one song into the end of another in a musical way, which all helps to add to the atmosphere and excitement on the dance floor

If you may be interested in hiring Taylor Taylor for your wedding or event, please take a look at and get in touch for a friendly chat and a quotation.

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