New Pics, Videos and Website Updates On The Way!

Well, they say time flies when you’re having fun, but I can’t quite believe where the last 12 months have gone! Since it’s flown past so quickly I can only assume that I must have been having a blast!

However, having all this fun DJ’ing at events, speaking to clients, doing site visits, sending out quotations, pre event meetings, and everything else has meant that this website has fallen by the wayside slightly. Fear not, because I have taken plenty of photos and videos at just about every event that I’ve DJ’ed at recently so I’m just about to begin clearing the backlog… now!

Please watch this space: new videos, new photos and all kinds of new stuff heading this way shortly.

P.S. This little beauty just arrived last week so I’ll be bringing you some much improved event photos from now on. Just as soon as I get to grips with what all the buttons do.

Taylor Taylor Discos New Camera


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