Do You Need A Mobile DJ / Mobile Disco Who Can 'mix' the music? (I'd say yes, but then I'm biased...)

Yesterday I had an email from a potential customer, Vijay, who likes his music and was looking for a mobile DJ / mobile disco for his wedding reception this November in Quorn, near Loughborough, in Leicestershire.

He really wanted to find a DJ who could ‘mix’ the music. As well as playing songs that him and his future wife will like, and that will get their guests on the dance floor, it means the DJ can blend the end of one song into the start of the next one in a way that sounds good, keeps the flow of the dance floor going because there are no ‘gaps’ between the songs, and adds a bit of interest and excitement too because you’re not sure what’s going to arrive in the mix next!

I asked Vijay to tell me a few of the songs that he likes at the moment and I made him a little demo mix from his selections. Here’s a video I made for him with a bit of explanation and the demo mix too.

Depending on the style of music you would like for your event, it might or might not be music that is very easy to mix, but whenever I DJ, I always make sure there aren’t any gaps between the songs and that they’re put into a sequence that ‘works’ on the dance floor. That means grouping similar songs together so that they ‘flow’ and people stay on the dance floor.

If you’re interested in getting a DJ who can mix, play the kind of music you like, and get your guests on the dance floor, then we could be the mobile disco / mobile DJ for your wedding, corporate event or party.

Just drop me an email or a phone call for a friendly chat about how I can make your event even more memorable, I can even make a little demo mix for you too.

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