Taylor Taylor Mobile Discos is based in Leicester and run by me, Andy Taylor. Whenever you book I’ll be your DJ for the night. Other companies may pass bookings on to other DJs (sometimes without even telling the client) so you never know who you’ll get on the night, but with Taylor Taylor  you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. I have been a professional DJ for 10 years and am very experienced at playing for a wide variety of different events and audiences; from weddings and corporate events, to bars and nightclubs, to student proms, and of course good old fashioned birthday parties and anniversaries. Have a look at my DJ biography for the full story. Here at Taylor Taylor, we really know how to enhance your event (take a look at our photos and videos page to see us in action at recent events). We’ll use our years of experience to give your guests a real night to remember for all the right reasons. You tell us the music you’d like to hear (and any you definitely wouldn’t!) and we’ll deliver a great night’s entertainment. Music is something we know and love, and since creating the right atmosphere with the music selected can make or break an event, it’s important to choose a DJ you can trust to deliver what you and your guests would like to hear. We also take customer service very seriously and make every effort to make sure the whole process of booking with us, and working with us on the night itself are all easy and hassle free, see our how to book page for more info. Once you have booked, if you need to keep us up to date with any developments or if you have any questions at all, we’re easy to contact via phone or email at any time, and we can meet with you in person too. We’ll also contact your venue to make sure that they have our safety certificates and to double check with them that all our details match up with the details they have too. On the night of the event itself, we’ll quickly and quietly get everything set up, at the agreed time, and without making a fuss. Then, once your guests arrive, we know that at the start of most events, you probably won’t want the DJ blasting your ears off with the biggest and loudest tunes possible, you and your guests will probably want to socialise, catch up with friends and relatives, and perhaps even have a drink or two; so we keep the music upbeat, but more in the background at the start of  the night and during the buffet if you are having one. Alternatively, you may be having a formal sit down meal, where we can provide more subtle background music to reflect the sophisticated dining experience you’re offering your guests. Once your guests have had time to eat, drink and socialise, it’s time to turn down the lights, turn up the volume on our concert quality sound system as loud as you like it (take a look at our equipment page for more details) and begin the party. We’ll make sure you hear all your favourites, along with requests from your guests (if you would like us to include them), and the songs we know are going to fill your dance floor and keep your guests there enjoying themselves well into the night (see our music page for more info). You definitely won’t find our DJ talking all over the songs and dropping cheesy introductions or bad one-liners (unless some banter with the crowd is something you would like – just ask and it’s no problem at all), instead we’ll be selecting the songs and expertly ‘beat mixing’ to create a seamless flow of music, with no awkward gaps between songs, and most importantly, keeping people on the dance floor enjoying themselves. At many events, there’s a wide range of different guests who all love different types of music. We’re experienced at playing at this type of event and can keep everybody happy by playing sets of different music styles, leaving you and your guests with a night of great memories . If you like what you’ve read, please do take a look around the website and then get in touch for a friendly chat about how Taylor Taylor Mobile Discos can make your event even more memorable for all the right reasons.